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    Stevens Realty Group President and Principal Broker, Bruce Stevens, has over 15+ years of solid hands-on real estate experience. He has been a leading Broker throughout his career in the Hudson Valley and has been continuously committed to providing top-level service for all of your real estate and property needs. Bruce’s passion for homes started while he was working for his Uncle in Putnam County building high-end custom homes. Starting as an apprentice and learning the ropes in all aspects of the construction field, these lessons stuck with him and would later be extremely valuable in his career as a Real Estate Broker.

    After several years of pursuing a passionate career as a professional snowboarder in Colorado, Bruce returned to his roots in the Hudson Valley due to an injury that would no longer allow him the opportunity to compete. He found himself back in the construction industry; however, this time working for a company doing sales and general contracting. Over the course of the next few years, Bruce successively transformed the company into a multimillion dollar operation, and single handedly won the company multiple awards for his high-level of sales.

    In 2003, he took the bold leap of faith and opened his own brokerage, Robert The Bruce Realty, Inc. It was a fantastic time to be in the resale and building market as the "boom" was exploding! There were unprecedented gains in all areas of the market and he could not sell fast enough.

    As fast as it came is as fast as it disappeared. The company had to change with the times and go where the market dictated. No longer speculating, owners were investing within and improving their own properties. Having the knowledge and foresight to feel the change, he adapted with the market and refocused from real estate back into renovation and remodeling work. The extremely valuable lessons he had learned as a youth, were paying off in the struggling economy.

    Through the turbulent market - the good and bad, Bruce is a family man who has maintained undeniable honesty, integrity, and most importantly his word. This has carried his company through his entire real estate and contracting career. In 2010, Robert The Bruce became Stevens Realty Group and reopened their doors in the comfortable town of New Paltz, NY. Over the course his Real Estate career, Stevens also focused on also expanding the business into the Property Management field, alleviating the burden of properties on the owners, while maximizing the return on their investments. The organization now couples their love for Real Estate, Property Management and Contracting, under one roof. This has enabled Stevens Realty Group to do what they really love - to find them, fix them, manage them or sell them!

    Bruce Stevens
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    Bruce Stevens

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